Property Transformations

Slice of History

Keith and Paula live in a beautiful historical setting. They’ve restored a lovely 19th-century farmhouse and initially contacted us to help with designing their estate’s landscape. As we talked with this couple, we felt plant selection should not only reflect the historical aspect of their home but also fit with Keith and Paula’s hobbies and lifestyles. They love dogs. They like birds. Keith and Paula also expressed some distinct color preferences for flowers and autumn.

One challenge we faced was the existence of several mature black walnut trees all around their property. Black walnut trees exude juglone which prevents many other plants from successfully co-existing with them.  With careful research, the right plants were discovered and knit into a wrap-around design to fill their estate with colorful flora.

In the end, native plants, like Hemlocks (Tsuga canadensis) and Winter King Hawthorns (Crataegus viridus ‘Winter King’) were selected and beds filled with flowers adorn the house.    A Serviceberry (Amelanchier laevis) draws birds near their kitchen window area as well as supplies them with Vitamin-C packed berries for their morning cereal.  (But only if they beat the birds to them!)

Projects like this are awesome and fun to us.


In 2010, the Rohrer family wanted to update their lovely corner property. Many times with landscapes, there comes a time when things should not be “maintained” any longer and should be thoughtfully replaced. After discussing color preferences, textures, and desired seasonal interest, a new design was created and installed by our team. Enjoy these “before” and “after” pictures.

Living Hope Community Church

Once an abandoned chicken hatchery, Living Hope Community Church has become an example of transformation. After the extensive remodeling was completed inside, it was time for renewing the landscape outside! Darrel and Elizabeth had the privilege of designing the plan and installing new trees and landscape beds around Living Hope’s property at 2823 Columbia Avenue, Lancaster, PA.


Dale and Eileen wanted to freshen up the landscape beds around their home and enjoyed attracting birds.
Eileen knew which flowers she liked and that she preferred more of an “airy and whimsical look” to the flowers’ structure.
Darrel knew just the plants to install: you can’t get much more airy and whimsical than coreopsis, pin cushions, ferns,
and this pink gaura (pictured bottom right).


Tree of Life Services maintains the turf, trees, and shrubs for Willow Valley Retirement Communities, including weed, insect and disease control, and fertilizing. With such a vast and diverse property, Darrel employs his expertise to help Willow Valley keep the beautiful curb appeal going and growing in Willow Street, Pennsylvania.

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